April 14, 2010

“That’s how much less women made than men in their first post-MBA jobs…What’s more, the salary lines aren’t parallel; men’s salaries start higher, then rise faster. The gap widens over time…”

Banco Santander’s headquarters in Madrid are SICK (Video)

“The second interesting result was that there was a way to ward off choking. When the expert golfers contemplated a holistic cue word, their performance was no longer affected by anxiety. Because the positive adjectives were vague and generic, they didn’t cause the athletes to lose the flow of expert performance or overrule their automatic brain.”

“it looks like email’s reign as the king of communication is ending and social networking is now supreme”

Learned this from SNL Weekend update. Interesting fact: Hasbro controls rights to Scrabble in the U.S., while Mattel has the rest of the world. Only Mattel is releasing the new version called Scrabble Trickster (sounds like a name I would make up)


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