November 1, 2009

Read This Not Work

The City of Houston is bankrupt!

Local dentists offer to buy back Halloween candy

Ultra nerdy, but unique wedding gift

Music vid: “I’m at MIT Sloan, rackin up the m-f loans”

ibankers gets lessons on “how to kill”

“Investment Bankers also need to be able to protect themselves against attacks with sharp-edged weapons particularly when travelling to emerging markets,“ says Tim Larkin. “Target Focus Training also improves mental agility which is fundamental for success in business.“

More cars are now sold in China than the US. (Economist)

New Clue board game uses text messaging. (Springwise)

How to hold your breath like David Blain (Tim Ferriss)

Quick tip on how to not cry when cutting onions.

“To prevent the waterworks show when slicing this potent vegetable, simply hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth (but don’t breathe through your nose!)”

Fancy lookin’ fireplaces. (Lifehacker)

The vitamin industry has done well through the recession. (Slate)

…sales are also benefitting from one of the most powerful commercial forces in the history of planet Earth: the baby boomers. As they get older, the boomers—already a narcissistic bunch—are growing ever-more obsessed with their health and wellness. Just as they caused bubbles in marijuana in the 1960s and disco balls in the 1970s, baby boomers are now causing sales of vitamins to spike.

Ford looks like it will soon sell Volvo to China’s Geely for 1/3 the price they bought it for. (Economist)

Toyota has genetically engineered flowers that absorb greenhouse gasses around its Prius manufacturing plant.

If you’re looking for some spare cash, turn your car into an advertisement. (Springwise)

The Maltese Falcon, aka the world’s largest private sailing yacht, gets sold for $120m to a the highest paid woman in Britain (founder of hedge fund Ikos)

Parrots that kill and eat sheep.

Pet dogs are as bad for the enviornment as driving a 4X4.

“A medium-sized dog has the same impact as a Toyota Land Cruiser driven 6,000 miles a year, while a cat is equivalent to a Volkswagen Golf.”

Nigeria begins “Project Eagle Claw” to clamp down on e-mail scammers and improve the country’s image. (Gizmodo)

How dopamine is our “neural currency”

The caricature of dopamine as the chemical of hedonism and pleasure – it’s what drives us to enjoy sex, drugs and rock and roll – was always mostly misleading. While dopamine does predict the arrival of rewards, the neurotransmitter is much more important that. Many dopamine researchers, for instance, refer to the chemical as our “neural currency,” since it allows us to quickly assign a value to the multitudes of things and ideas in the outside world.

A warm room makes people more social, and clean smells promote moral behavior.


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