July 22, 2009

Read This Not Work

Update: Hello loyal readers! Sorry for the post slowdown of late. My family is visiting Copenhagen (sisters from Austin and parents from Beijing), and we will be travelling to Berlin, Prague, and Vienna for the next two weeks starting Sunday. After that I’ll be in San Francisco for a wedding and then off to Houston for a short visit. By the time I’m back in Copenhagen, I’ll be packing up for the move to Zurich!  As you can imagine, the next few weeks will be pretty packed, so bear with me until things have have calmed down.  And now, let the distraction continue…

Video: we have now successfully cloned drug-sniffing dogs

The neuroscience of McGriddles. AKA why your brain rewards you for eating high-calorie, unhealthy foods.

“Needless to say, the McGriddle is eerily delicious. If the human tongue has a secret password, then this sweet, salty and fatty breakfast sandwich is the code.”

If you wear glasses, this site can help you choose frames that look good on your face.

Funny, the to do list for Goldman Sachs head of communications

A man in Australia bursts into flames when tasered

I like the design of these first aid meds

This rolling luggage charges your gadgets with the motion from the wheels as well as solar power. (Gizmodo)

Ryanair considers letting passengers fly for free if they stand up (I would do this for sure).

Hilarious slideshow: The desperate times before internet porn. (Gizmodo) My favorite is #4:

Mental spank bank: The ultimate in bare-bones beating, this required you to be ultra-vigilant during your day in order to store images for later use. Trips to the beach, the department store changing room, the food court at the mall, the post office, the pool, the dentist’s office, the Grand Canyon and the polling booth could all obtain lucrative deposits for your bank.

Long article on how Facebook plans to dominate Google (Wired)

Useful tip: how to wash a pillow (apartment therapy)


4 Responses to “RTNW”

  1. rooth Says:

    Hope you have a good time with the family. Look forward to more awesome postings soon.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Your ryanair link is broken.

    I’ll save the gizmodo p0rn one for later. Looks NSFW.

  3. jo Says:

    have fun at all your travels! the rolling luggage is neat.

  4. timmy Says:

    please post again someday when you’re not out meeting strangers

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