July 16, 2009

Read This Not Work

Interesting piece on AIG by Michael Lewis (Vanity Fair)

Good tips on writing effective speeches and how it can help you in daily life. (BBC)

As an alternative to the premium cupcake trend, here come fancy gourmet churros

How Swearing relieves pain (Lifehacker)

Australia is building an army of robots (BBC)

Keeping up with the Goldmans (The Economist)

Most expensive cities for parking (The Economist)

Google is going to start putting physical markers in cities (like you see in google maps)

Useful primer on social networking

Free eBook with tips on how to find a job you love.  It’s short and worth reading. Here’s an excerpt:

STEP 0) Stop acting like you’re entitled to a paycheck.

This is step zero, because it shouldn’t be a step at all.For some reason, a lot of people our age think they deserve a hefty paycheck immediately just because they have a college degree. We feel as though we are worthy of a great, highpaying job the second we throw our graduation cap into the air. Perhaps this is because weʼve been given trophies our whole lives just for showing up. This mentality is toxic- They’re given to the people who can afford them (generally speaking), and those who can pull off decent grades, averaged out over the course of four years You may have earned your college degree, but you haven’t earned the right to be paid a lot of money, yet.

Book sensitive reading lamp


2 Responses to “RTNW”

  1. jo Says:

    i really want the churros and reading lamp

  2. wawa Says:

    LOVE the reading lamp!

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