July 14, 2009


Read This Not Work

Lots of caffine may reverse Alzheimers. (BBC)

Harvard Business Review calls Steve Jobs a crappy CEO.

McDonalds has free charging for electric cars. (Gizmodo)

I love this picture so much – Rep pts- Lam

Get Chris Anderson’s new book for free here. (ebook and audiobook)

This seems like a tool that would come in handy. (Cool Tools)

Video: Police taser a grandma, she howls like a dog.  Not sure if I should find this hilarious. (Gizmodo)

Cool chair


Justin Timberlake comes out with his own tequila called 901

So is Facebook for old people now?

“…even though the population of Facebook members over the age of 55 grew 513.7 percent, the site now sees 16.5 percent fewer high-school users, and 21.7 percent fewer college users.”

Texas vs. California (The Economist) Rep pts- Jo

“Chief Executive magazine, to take just one example, has ranked California the very worst state to do business in for each of the past four years. By contrast, Texas was the best state in that poll. It has coped well with the recession, with an unemployment rate two points below the national average and one of the lowest rates of housing repossession. In part this is because Texan banks, hard hit in the last property bust, did not overexpand this time. But as our special report this week explains, Texas also clearly offers a different model, based on small government. It has no state capital-gains or income tax, and a business-friendly and immigrant-tolerant attitude. It is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state—64 compared with California’s 51 and New York’s 56.”

This is true art. “Slapped in the face until your shit turns red” Rept pts – Rooths



2 Responses to “RTNW”

  1. rooth Says:

    All of your links are educational/interesting… except for mine. Which are either pointless or… pointless.

  2. jo Says:

    i’m making frozen margaritas tomorrow…maybe i’ll try to look for timberlake’s new tequila today

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