June 30, 2009

Read This Not Work

Best idea ever: the Russians have started offering luxury cruises where you can rent weapons and hunt Somali pirates.

“Tickets aboard the ocean liners, which will cruise at about five miles per hour in an attempt to attract pirates, will cost about US$5,000, with AK-47’s and ammunition available for rent each day. The ships will be protected from pirates by private security guards made up of ex-special forces troops.”

Copenhagen just installed these neat bicycle counters. Rep pts to Jo- for finding out about them before I did (when I live here)

Funny: Can’t wait to invest in the new Dangerous Fund I. (Long or Short Capital)

“We see a clear need for an investment vehicle for people who want to lose all their money. Competitors out there have lost on average 30-40% in this cycle. We think we can lose more, especially with our so-called ‘dangerous’ trades.”

cool shirt: Music elitism

Basics on pain & posture, including tips on how to sleep better.

“So which is the best position to sleep in?  On your side, knees bent, pillow between the knees and your head resting on a single pillow.  Or if you prefer, on your back with a pillow under your knees, sheets loose, and again, a single pillow for the head.”

Various important people’s answer to “the best advice I ever got

Hilarious photoshopping done by the city of Toronto.  Click to see

Why do we rape, kill, and sleep around? Is it because of evolution? (Newsweek)

Video: Demo of very cool sixth sense module (Ted) Rep pts – DYW

Videos: great way to kill some time…23 hilarious youtube videos

Favorites include “The most sexually confusing instructional video ever” and “the worst example of it’s the thought that counts”

The Most Sexually Confusing Instructional Video Ever

Greenland is trying to gain independence from Denmark. (Economist)

London is doing something neat: placing pianos in public places for people to play. Rep pts – Jo

Video: This guy designed the world’s most violent alarm clock.

How to Live, not just exist.

Top car ratings this year. Daniel’s fav car of all time, the Ford F-150 tops the large truck category!

An awesome ad and creative use of technology. (Gizmodo)

US savings rate is at 6.9%, the highest point in 15 years. (NYT)

Weird story about a girl who doesn’t age. Brooke is a 16 year old girl who looks like an infant. Her hair and nails are the only things that grow.

Video: solid, informative Frontline documentary on the current financial crisis, House of Cards

 Sex without intimacy, we are in the age of the hookup. Rep pts- DYW

Laptop desk + Chair + Carrying case = pretty awesome

 Nevada’s bordellos are feeling the pain from the financial crisis, but they are still lobbying to pay MORE taxes.

“In an effort to shore up their legitimacy, Nevada’s bordellos are virtually unique in the US business world in lobbying for greater taxation, believing they would be harder to outlaw if they made a useful contribution to the public purse. The industry enthusiastically supported a proposal in Nevada’s legislature for a $5 levy on each sexual transaction to help fill up a $3bn budgetary deficit.”

Toyota makes a thought controlled wheelchair (Gizmodo)

Hilarious pictures: There, I fixed it.  Below is one of my favs, with the caption “Take that, final gas notice”


4 Responses to “RTNW”

  1. rooth Says:

    Can I submit things to possibly be posted? And if so, where do I submit to?


  2. timmy Says:

    might as well just tell johanna to post websites on her blog for me to read

  3. wawa Says:

    the alarm clock was stupid. “HI MOM!” i like the piano. thx johanna! =)

  4. wawa Says:

    you like venn diagrams!

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