June 24, 2009

Tata, makers of the world’s smallest car (the Nano), are now making the world’s smallest house.

On American kids and how they’re lazier than the rest of the world.

Interesting. A new study shows that if you have low self confidence (hereafter referred to as LSC), saying positive things about yourself doesn’t help. In fact, it might be detrimental.  On the flip side, if you have HSC (high self confidence), saying good things about yourself does give you a boost.  Good news for the HSC crowd, maybe not so good for those who suck and know it.

Most expensive and cheapest cities in the world.

Brief economic commentary by Paul Krugman at the London School of Economics

“They (Consumers) are scrambling to save more as house prices plunge… This urge to shore up wealth is self-defeating in aggregate, as it curbs spending and incomes. It also renders conventional monetary policy impotent, as the interest rate that prevents too much saving is below zero.

That creates a role for fiscal policy. If zero interest rates cannot get consumers to spend, then governments must spend instead. That remedy comes from economics so the discipline is not without merit. The trouble is, “the analysis we’re using is decades old”. It dates back to Keynes, one of the few economists whose reputation has been burnished by the crisis… Most work in macroeconomics in the past 30 years has been useless at best and harmful at worst.”

How tough are we being on North Korea?

As you can see, I’ve been on an Economist stint, here’s why The Economist continues to thrive while other news publications die.

Dealbook roundup

Church’s chicken gets sold

Blackrock buys Barclays Global (iShares)

Eddie Bauer is bankrupt

Good discussion: what are you willing to consistently pay more for?

How is laziness costing you money? (cred: DYW)

Things other people accomplished at your age.

Cool: street legal airplane/car

Interview with Charles Kirk, from Kirk Report. One of the inspirations for this blog.

10 tips to retain more of what you read online

Interesting: Cook carrots whole for more flavor and 25% more nutrients

iPhone vibrator application. Yes, its foreal.

Free poster sized print from Shutterfly

This outlet wall is awesome

More innovative outlet designs

free subscription to Kiplingers personal finance magazine

The things  we do for pics (below is one of my favs)

The Mexican response to the Chilean suitcase made of cocaine: cocaine hidden in frozen sharks.

Stop paying attention: zoning out is good for your brain.

“Depending on the experiment, people spend up to half their time not thinking about the task at hand—even when they’ve been told explicitly to pay attention.” (sound familiar?)


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  1. tris Says:

    Wow, Paris is more ex than Copenhagen? :O
    What is the measurement? :O

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