June 17, 2009

Stop working!

Multi-tasking drops your IQ by 10 points. Click for some helpful time management tips.

Japanese ice suit (I bet alot of the Houston folks could use one of these right now)

Barron’s Round Table – investment advice from the big gurus (long article)

Good news, the fire-blasting planet drill from Star Trek is foreal.

Spam mail isn’t just annoying, it hurts the enviornment.

“According to a report from an environmental consultancy, ICF International, commissioned by McAfee, a computer-security company, some 62 trillion unsolicited e-mails were sent in 2008, using 33 terawatt hours of electricity. That is equivalent to the energy consumed by 1.5m American homes or 3.1m cars over a year. If generated by coal-fired power stations it would release 17m tonnes of carbon dioxide, some 0.2% of global emissions of this greenhouse gas.”

I like this: “the hangover”

How the world’s greatest golfer lost his game (its not Tiger Woods)

Video: interview with Michael Lewis, author of Liars Poker. He is pretty hilarious as usual, despite the crappy interviewer. Here is the article he wrote that he references at the end, “The End of Wall Street”.

printable cheat sheet for wine tasting aromas and flavors

Free subscription to Forbes magazine

Germany is installing vending machines that sell gold.

Article by Tim Geithner and Larry Summers regarding the new financial reforms

What can be learned from three model minorities: Asians, Jews, and West Indian blacks.

“These three groups may help debunk the myth of success as a simple product of intrinsic intellect, for they represent three different races and histories. In the debate over nature and nurture, they suggest the importance of improved nurture — which, from a public policy perspective, means a focus on education. Their success may also offer some lessons for you, me, our children — and for the broader effort to chip away at poverty in this country.”

Dealbook roundup:

GM’s Saab is getting sold to Sweden’s Koenigsegg

Extended Stay hotel chain is bankrupt

Six Flags is bankrupt

I like this: pizza cutter


One Response to “RTNW”

  1. jo Says:

    What can be learned from three model minorities: Asians, Jews, and West Indian blacks – really interesting article, great find!

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