June 15, 2009

Stop Working!

Improve your “hunched over the computer” posture with these helpful stretches.

North Korea is out of control.

“North Korea’s foreign ministry warned it was only at an ‘early phase of all out confrontation with the US'”

According to a Financial Times study, this year Copenhagen is only the world’s second most livable city, naturally it follows that in August I will be moving to Zurich, the new first place.

“Zürich did move into the top spot, thanks to outstanding and still improving public transport, including an expanding tram system and main rail station; ample leisure activities, including 50 museums and excellent restaurants; environmental activism in setting new emissions targets; good business culture, with local authorities offering both advice and low-cost office space; and its airport, which serves 170 destinations and is now in line for a SFr460m (£262m) revamp.

Copenhagen dropped to second place, reflecting a less impressive airport experience and a loss of flavour in its city centre, although it remains clean, green, cultural and virtually crime-free”

Peaceout Copenhagen, I for one cannot settle for second best.


Debt, Debt, Debt, and then you die. A picture of the average American’s big expenditures.

REM sleep makes you a better problem solver.

“our brains are better at integrating disparate pieces of information after a short bout of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep… Cai thinks that REM sleep catalyses the creative process by allowing the brain to form connections between” unrelated ideas.

In case you care, Greenland is melting.

Just what you were looking for, a bluetooth headset that looks like a sperm!

Informative graphic breakdown of the world’s natural resources by country

Microsoft will donate 8 meals for every download of Internet Explorer 8 before August 8 (it’s free, why not)

The world’s largest private yacht includes its own submarine, 20 jet skis, 24 guest rooms, two helipads, and a missile defense system. The Russian billionaire obviously was not satisified with his three other megayachts. This will bring the grand total to four, which is still pretty scrub if you ask me.

A good Economist article on the right and wrong ways to deal with all the new massive public debt

Norway requires 40% of corporate board of directors to be women. Is this any different from affirmative action? How did that work out?

Video: The Science of Happiness

Short Video: The Practicality of Pessimism. Why its more important to imagine your fears rather than you goals.


3 Responses to “RTNW”

  1. Jo! Says:

    I bet once you left Copenhagen, it will return the top spot. Be careful Zurich, next year you’ll be out of the picture…

  2. wawa Says:

    copenhagen is virtually crime-free? didn’t you get your bike stolen the day after you bought it? you must’ve not put a lock on it. so zurich and not spain? i ❤ switzerland.

  3. jo Says:

    i like the world’s natural resources picture. who knew america produced so much corn!

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