June 11, 2009

A snippet of Warren Buffet’s philosophy on wealth which I found insightful. Its from his biography The Snowball

“Wealth is just a bunch of claim checks on the activities of others in the future. You can use that wealth in any way that you want to. You can cash it in or give away. But the idea of passing wealth from generation to generation so that hundreds of your descendants can command the resources of other people simply because they came from the right womb flies in the face of a meritocratic society.”

Simple ven diagram on how to find a job that makes you happy, with instructions on how to get to the sweet spot

Human innovation is amazing. Chilean police find a suitcase made of cocaine.  Detective Leandro Morales at the Santiago airport says the drug was not hidden in the luggage. This time the suitcases were the drug

Stop doing situps & crunches. They’re bad for your back. Consider the pushup and other core workouts.

Obama’s speech in Cairo <Video> and a brief analysis of his body language.

Obama also plugs the new Conan. <Video>

A few summaries on great investment books.

Learn a calm breathing exercise, the 4-7-8.

GPS shoes help locate alzheimer’s patients.  I’m going to use these on my future daughter. 

Pissed that the new Apple macbooks and iphones no longer differentiate the elite?

“The new products also don’t show how special you are for paying the most to buy the best. The cheap models and the pricey ones are identical. Your crazy high-end 32GB iPhone 3GS looks just like that other guy’s $99 iPhone 3G…Maybe Apple is trying to create good design that works for anyone and everyone. I can respect that. Still, the question remains: Does this make rich people look like poor people, or poor people look like rich people? The privileged must know.”

Why pro athletes go broke

A very good article on the pursuit of happiness by simplifying. “running to stand still isn’t where your joy lies”

How to slice an onion like a pro  <Video>

Make your own free custom Crown Royal labels


2 Responses to “RTNW”

  1. wawa Says:

    the snowball was written by a Texas alumna. i like the gps shoes. i’ve been meaning to read: The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham. i like the info on here: http://www.investoreducation.org/Release103008.cfm?CFID=258389&CFTOKEN=91687068

  2. wawa Says:

    i was looking forward to reading this today. you didn’t post anything new. post or die!

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