Read this not work

June 8, 2009

Stop working!

I want this.

Hilarious. Canon employees are forbidden to sit down

Rick Warren, author of the The Purpose Driven Life, speaks on finding his own purpose. <Video>

Strategy is overrated, Reaction and execution are the ingredients of winners.  Short and sweet.

Lean useful knots in a simple, printable card.

<The Economist> EARLIER this year Subway, an international sandwich chain, sent a letter to Domino’s, a pizza giant, demanding that it retract advertisements criticising Subway’s sandwiches. In response, Domino’s made another advertisement starring its chief executive (pictured). In front of the cameras, he took Subway’s letter and thrust it into one of the very ovens in which Domino’s makes its supposedly superior sandwiches. The letter burst into flames. Read More.

WTF? US Air Force builds a mustang supercar with an ejection seat?

Have any of you tried Google Squared?

 Fearless. free eBook, go sign up.

Someone is selling an iPhone that fell in some pee. Funny to be too honest.

Ultimate toilet becomes a urinal

Cocaine dealers in the Dominican Republic demand payment in gold, not dollars.

Stat. One in nine Americans are on food stamps.

Best job ever, BBVA, one of Spains largest banks, offers its employees 3-5 years of paid time off with 30% of their salary and a guaranteed job when they come back.

Everyone should go watch Home, a free movie from a sick photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, the guy who did “Earth From Above“. Its also shot from an ariel perspective, showing 54 countries with an enviornmental message. <Video>

I would have loved to participate in Seth Godin’s free, 6 Month Alternative MBA. I especially liked the application process, where the finalists met up with one another in NYC, interviewed and ranked each other.  1 in 40 applicants got in.


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One Response to “Read this not work”

  1. jo Says:

    i would hate to work at canon

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